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queers4crafts's Journal

Queers for Crafts
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This is a community for queer crafters. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or other queer identified members are welcome. So are allies.

Petty rules:
1) Please introduce your fine self.
2) Please place pictures behind links, and try to make sure they don't take up the whole page.
3) Be nice to yourselves and each other.
4) Please don't solicit or try to sell your stuff in the journal. Display only :-)
5) Any and all kinds of crafts are welcome :-) (P.S. I'm partial to needlework crafts, but feel free to educate me on what else should be in the interests)

Serious Rules:
1) We are NOT interested in any anti-gay sentiments around here. This is a supportive community. I will report you.